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Sins of the Angels: Chapter Two

At nine years old, Piralael’s hair had reached halfway down her back, at the time its length and unusual colouring being her most outstanding features. When she was playing handball, she wore it in a tight braid, the majority of its length covered in mud and grime a state she found herself in more often than not when playing the game.

Sample Chapters

Sins of the Angels: Chapter One

The Coil was the tallest building in Nellh, its central turret reaching eight hundred and fifty metres high. Two smaller wings branched out from opposite ends of the building, spiralling around the main tower as they rose, giving the building the look of a drill bit biting up into the sky. There were chairs and tables set out in the middle of the roof, arranged around a small, covered stand and bolted to the floor. Robots moved about to serve food and drinks to the handful of people sat there.

Sample Chapters

Sins of the Angels: Prologue

A clearing. The smell of burning oil filled the air, distant but still thick and pungent. A yak raised its head, half-chewed cud sitting in its open mouth, as a woman wrapped in an old cloak, torn and muddy, sprinted past it towards the tree line. There was a bundle cradled in her arms, a squalling cry coming from it to pierce the peaceful quiet of the open space. Once the woman had passed the yak lowered its head to carry on eating. It never noticed the two men in red cloaks who followed, making far less noise, sometime later.

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Sins of the Angels – Cover Reveal!

I really can't overstate just how excited I am about this. Sins of the Angels is officially out on Friday 30 October, and as well as the e-book now being live for pre-order I get to officially unveil the cover! Without further ado, then, here's what will be adorning the cover: This spectacular artwork is… Continue reading Sins of the Angels – Cover Reveal!