Sample Chapters

Orphans of the Dead: Prologue

Laurent De Castelnau’s severed head sat in the centre of a cheap kitchen table, staring at the five captains gathered in front of him in accusation. In death his true face was now permanently on display. A yellow hue to his once smooth brown skin, sunken cheeks, two rows of pointed teeth and a ridged, protruding brow; the vampire face he had always been so careful to hide.

Writing about writing

It’s been a while!

The last couple of months have been pretty hectic for me, which has meant that I've gotten next to no writing done - and as a result, no updates on here either. For anybody curious as to what's kept me so occupied, I'm on the National Executive Committee of the PCS Union. We recently ran… Continue reading It’s been a while!

Writing about writing

New projects

Self-publishing From the Hill of Megiddo has been a learning experience in a lot of ways. If you haven't had a chance to read it yet, then please do feel free to buy a copy from any of these stores. However, here I want to talk about what comes next. Even before I published this… Continue reading New projects