Sample Chapters

Iarraindorn: Chapter One

The only sounds to be heard in the early morning as the sun rose over Liuerpwl were the light rustling of the trees in the breeze, a few birds singing and occasionally a dog barking in excitement as its master rose. As the villagers finished breaking their fasts and prepared to start the day’s work, soon the quiet would be overtaken, but for now Anael took the opportunity to enjoy it.

Sample Chapters

Iarraindorn: Prologue

The full moon called a hail of stars down from the sky on the night the devil came. The wind blew with a force that made walking against it not unlike trying to push a boulder uphill. It sent the rain, sharp and cold, straight at you so that it stung where it hit bare flesh, almost as hard as if it were hail. This would have made it hard to see anything, even had the moon not already been buried by the thick, dark clouds. There was no clear divide between the sky and the land, the whole of it being draped in a shroud of black without end.

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Iarraindorn – cover reveal, release date and book trailer

My next book, Iarraindorn, will be officially released on 1 June 2021. This has to a degree taken me by surprise as much as anybody else, with the cover art and editing all finished in a matter of days and me rushing to catch up with promotion. I'm extremely excited for this, and eager to share everything with you.