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The monkey is back at the typewriter

After releasing Orphans of the Dead earlier in the year, things went very quiet for me on the writing front. Real life, and all the demands of the day job and being a rep for the day job's union got in the way. They still do, but I'm doing what I can to restore more balance… Continue reading The monkey is back at the typewriter

Writing about writing

Orphans of the Dead paperback out in six days!

I've been somewhat remiss in not promoting the lead up to the paperback release. It's been a bit of a busy period for me in the "other" life as a trade unionist, which hasn't left me much time for touting my work as an author. At any rate, whilst you can currently buy Orphans of the… Continue reading Orphans of the Dead paperback out in six days!

Short Stories

Calan Gaeaf

Despite how fiercely the sun shone in the sky, the chill air cut at Morven and she pulled her coat closer against the chill. They definitely stood on the cusp of winter. That realisation brought with it another chill. Not from the weather, but from the memory of what would happen again that night. She had done well to keep it out of her mind all day, not least given how the images of it had intruded upon her dreams over the past week. Roaring flames, and rocks being fed to the fire, followed by the sight of her name fading away. Twice she had managed to awake before she caught sight of the rider, but even then the sow's grunting had followed her into the waking world.