Sample Chapters

Sins of the Angels: Chapter Three

Getting to the hilltop wasn’t easy. It required a trek down a thin path being worried at on both sides by overgrown brambles, which followed a winding route downhill to a pebble-dashed beach. There was a broad cave several kilometres along, more like a tunnel since there was a way out the back to where a sheer cliff rose out of the water.

Sample Chapters

Orphans of the Dead: Chapter Three

Like what you read? Pre-order Orphans of the Dead now. The queue crept forward far too slow for Joe, now anxious to get inside as fast as he could and find the woman with the silver hair. He kept stepping out of the queue to glance towards the door, where the hubbub was over and the… Continue reading Orphans of the Dead: Chapter Three

Sample Chapters

Chapter Three

When Hazel Loman reached her front gate, she stopped and pulled the bobble out of her hair. She still felt tired and couldn’t get the smells of meat and dairy out of her nose, but just being able to shake her wavy, strawberry blonde hair loose made her feel that bit better.

When she put the key in her front door and turned, the door was pulled open from inside. She yelped, before clamping a hand over her mouth.

“Hazel.” Her father stood at the door, chuckling. “Sorry if I startled you.”

She felt her cheeks burning as she stepped inside. “Hi dad. Yeah, no worries.”

“How was work?”

“It was work.” She said with a shrug.