Sample Chapters

Orphans of the Dead: Chapter One

Image credit: Visit Liverpool Like what you read? Pre-order Orphans of the Dead now. A man and a woman left the club, each leaning into the other with their arms around one another’s shoulders. A common scene at night in the city centre, but in this case there was something off about it. Charlotte Dáithín’s senses… Continue reading Orphans of the Dead: Chapter One

Sample Chapters

Orphans of the Dead: Prologue

Laurent De Castelnau’s severed head sat in the centre of a cheap kitchen table, staring at the five captains gathered in front of him in accusation. In death his true face was now permanently on display. A yellow hue to his once smooth brown skin, sunken cheeks, two rows of pointed teeth and a ridged, protruding brow; the vampire face he had always been so careful to hide.