Philip Dickens lives in Pontypridd with his wife Dee, daughter-person Noah, and their two shy and loving but utterly demented cats.

He is a trade union representative in the Public and Commercial Services union, though to his chagrin this involves as much travelling on trains and sitting in meetings as it does helping workers organise and take action to improve their conditions.

His debut novel, From The Hill of Megiddo, was technically work in progress for fifteen years. In all honesty, though, the earliest versions of it were dross and it’s no great tragedy for literature that after getting all the way to the end he managed to accidentally delete them. More than once.

Studying Imaginative Writing at Liverpool John Moores University helped Phil hone his skills so that he was able to craft a story that grabs and holds your attention rather than making you (and him) cringe.

He has written hundreds of thousands of words of fiction and is now focused on getting his work published.

Punching massively above his weight, he married Dee – and it would be remiss of him if he didn’t point out that she also does this writing malarkey. She is a poet and writer and co-runs an independent poetry press focused on new voices from under-represented communities.

Outside of writing and trade unionism, he enjoys reading stories set in other worlds, watching movies about superheroes and playing computer games involving the indiscriminate slaughter of the undead.

Dee, Noah and their two cats are his whole world.

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