I have a Patreon

So that I can’t be accused of burying the lede, I’ve put it in the title and again here: I now have a Patreon, where you can support my content with a regular subscription.

Of late, and over the past month in particular, I’ve been putting a lot of effort into maintaining a consistent content output over on YouTube. This includes two videos per week and a livestream every Friday.

At the same time, I have returned to the day job, which has constrained the time I have available to create. The main cost of this has been putting my podcast adaptation of From the Hill of Megiddo on temporary hiatus. I’m hoping to return to it soon, but it’s just not been possible to put out episodes with the regularity I was whilst balancing that with other stuff.

However, there is a significant chunk of that book already up in podcast form, and of course you can buy the paperback or e-book if you fancy reading ahead.

I also need to post more on this site, keeping you up to date with what I’m doing and what comes next, as well as posting stories and ideas as inspiration hits. So that’s something I’ll be striving to do at least once a week, ideally more.

I do want to be able to spend as much time as possible creating, as it’s what I really enjoy doing. Whether it’s videos, livestreams, or books, there’s nothing I value more than telling stories and building a real community of people who value the things I create.

So, if you are able to join the Patreon, then I appreciate it massively and it really does help.

If you’re not able to do so, but you’re still subscribing to and following my content, then that’s also massively helpful and appreciated. Your support really does mean the world to me.

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