Happy New Year!

As we step out of 2021 into 2022, it’s customary to reflect on the year that’s gone by and make resolutions for the one to come.

I’m not going to do any of that.

I did start writing a post reflecting on the last twelve months, but it’s been a hard time in many ways and that post became very long, and cynical, and in its way as draining as the time itself has been. So I made a conscious choice to scrap it.

In broad strokes, I’m now my wife’s carer and in 2021 she has lost her mobility, developed fibromyalgia, and been through a cancer scare. Alongside that, I’ve struggled with my mental health mainly because of how un-accommodating work is to intensive caring responsibilities. As a result, I’ve been off sick at this point for over a month.

Rather than rant about that, though, and fixate on the selfish, entitled and parasitic nature of employers or the ableism of society, let’s look at the good.

There’s actually been quite a lot of it. Because, even under capitalism which demands otherwise, the human species is on the whole caring, cooperative, and willing to put themselves out in order to help others.

That’s why, when my wife was denied Personal Independence Payment and so unable to get a mobility scooter, she was able to raise the money to get one through crowdfunding in less than a day.

It’s why, when I livestreamed in support of Weston Park Cancer Charity as thanks for the support they gave her through the cancer scare, people donated nearly £900 to the cause.

And it’s why I feel able to set aside the angry ranting and focus on the positives.

I love my wife with all my heart. Despite everything else that’s happened, this year she has published her latest book Fear of Drowning, won the national university slam poetry competition UniSlam, gotten a master’s degree and started a PhD.

You should subscribe to her YouTube channel to keep up to date with her stuff, and if you feel able you can even support her on Patreon.

As for me, in 2021 I released my latest book Iarraindorn, I started adapting my first book From the Hill of Megiddo into an audiobook podcast, and I’ve been making a whole barrel of new content through my gaming YouTube channel, as a part of UnCapt Gaming, and on my book YouTube channel.

So yeah, I’ve managed to be quite creative, all told.

In 2022, I’ll be releasing Outcast from Elysium, the next book in the Armageddon’s Offspring series after Orphans of the Dead and Sins of the Angels. I’ll post more news on that as the editing process takes shape and once we have cover art.

I also need to try and write more, as that was the one thing I didn’t do anywhere near as much of as I should have last year. War for Anaqim and Chieftain of the Abyss are the two books that will finish the Armageddon’s Offspring series, and I want to be able to release one in 2023 and one in 2024 at least.

I guess that sort of counts as a New Year’s resolution, despite what I said at the start. But I’m going to pretend it’s not anyway so there’s less chance of breaking it. Or something like that.

Anyway… I think I’ve largely succeeded in being positive rather than negative and ranty so, job done.

I hope you’re able to do the same. You don’t need to pull up a laundry list of achievements, and you certainly shouldn’t compare yourself to anybody else, as everybody’s circumstances are their own. But if you can cling onto one thing you’re proud of, and that includes not doing a bad thing or surviving a bad thing happening to you as much as actively doing something, then draw on that and be proud of yourself.

Don’t let the bastards grind you down. Happy New Year!

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