Writing about writing

The monkey is back at the typewriter

After releasing Orphans of the Dead earlier in the year, things went very quiet for me on the writing front. Real life, and all the demands of the day job and being a rep for the day job’s union got in the way. They still do, but I’m doing what I can to restore more balance to my life.

That means getting back into running, even if after the giddy highs of running a marathon a couple of years back I’m now out of breath from the couch to 5k programme. It means healthier meals, a more regular routine, and making time to do things like read.

And yes…it means writing again!

I’m ploughing ahead with the Armageddon’s Offspring series. The plan remains to publish book two, Sins of the Angels, early next yearSo I’m currently combing through that to do some basic cleanup before it goes to beta readers and then a more thorough editorial process. Expect sample chapters to start landing in January (ish).

The first draft of book three is already written, and I’m about a third of the way through the first draft of book four. Though I’m now taking a break from that to take up a side project for NaNoWriMo – the follow on to the book I wrote for NaNo last year.

This gives me a two part story set 6,000 years ago alongside a standalone book set 2,000 years ago (also written as a NaNo project, funnily enough, back in 2014) which serve as prequels to From the Hill of Megiddo. If I’m able to stick to my planned timetable, these will come out in between the Armageddon’s Offspring books, with the first to come out following book three.

It’s been fun writing and re-reading the various books, and of course there are many more ideas yet to be written that I’m looking forward to putting on the page. Recognising that I’m just another self-publisher rather than a bestselling titan of the fantasy genre, this may be just for my own entertainment.

But I reckon that’s enough.

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