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Orphans of the Dead paperback out in six days!

I’ve been somewhat remiss in not promoting the lead up to the paperback release. It’s been a bit of a busy period for me in the “other” life as a trade unionist, which hasn’t left me much time for touting my work as an author.

At any rate, whilst you can currently buy Orphans of the Dead as a hardback or an ebook, the paperback will join the collection on 19 July.

As that’s my birthday, I’ll ask you to help me celebrate turning 34 by buying it as soon as it’s available and promoting to it to as many book lover friends as possible.

You can buy the hardback and ebook (and after 19 July the paperback) here.

Read the sample chapters: Prologue | Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six

If you’ve already read it, why not discuss and review it at Goodreads.com?

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