Writing about writing

It’s been a while!

The last couple of months have been pretty hectic for me, which has meant that I’ve gotten next to no writing done – and as a result, no updates on here either.

For anybody curious as to what’s kept me so occupied, I’m on the National Executive Committee of the PCS Union. We recently ran an intensive industrial action ballot campaign, which took up virtually all of my time and energy. Unfortunately, the most restrictive anti-strike laws in the Western world thwarted us, but the fight goes on. If you’re interested in the goings on of trade unionism, then I’ll direct you to my analysis of what needs to happen next and the PCS statement on the results.

However, that doesn’t mean that nothing at all has happened on the writing front.

As previously mentioned, I now have the first drafts written of three installments of a planned five book series that will follow From The Hill of Megiddo. The first of those, Orphans of the Dead, has had a redraft and is now with those who’ve volunteered to read it for me and give me feedback. My hope is to incorporate that feedback into a third draft before a final reading and redraft which will allow me to release it in April 2019, with each further installment to follow twelve months after the last.

More details on that once we get closer to release. This time, the plan is to do a proper launch – and to have the Hardback available a month ahead of the release of the paperback. Watch this space.

I’ve also entered From The Hill of Megiddo into Mark Lawrence’s Self Published Fantasy Blog Off, which is set to begin on 1 August.

The basic idea is that the entries are divided between ten fantasy book review blogs, who will then select a finalist from their selection. It’s all very interesting, so I will be keeping an eye on it and keep you updated.

Not much else to report at this point, beyond that I’m currently off work until 6 August, and it’s well deserved if I do say so myself!

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